In this time during the photoshoot, I keep a distance of 1.5 meters
Portrait photo session can take place at a studio or outside in the garden or in the park.
Or you can order a photo session through facetime.

At the beginning of the new season of the Netflix series Undercover 2, I was very pleased to be invited for a photo shoot for a portrait of the main actors. 

Portrait of Mayaki Kimba (Political Science) for Reed Magazine, Portland, OR

Victoria Ushkanova Photographer


Victoria Ushkanova Photographer

    Here you can find an interview with me
    also my video from my live performance in 2012 Mmoma Moscow 

Victoria Ushkanova Photographer
Victoria Ushkanova Photographer

Portrait of Gijs Blom, Prince Viridian in the film The Letter for the King

I had a photo shoot with a dream team of Netflix.

It was fun to work all together, with a stylist, make-up artist and in the background a cameraman with a soundman doing backstage video.