"Displacement" Artwork with collaboration: Choreography Anna Gritsuk, concept/camera Victoria Ushkanova, composer Anna Mikhailova.

Beyond some notional threshold - physiological (as the capacity limits of our sence organs) or mental (as the mental habits that we have) - there exits a world of unformed, irrational and uncounscious which is normally not accessible for the «observer» still remaining on the other side of the threshhold. This is an attempt to make the unseen visible through reaching beyond the space of manifested and signified.


"Typology" Video Art 

"Artist’s Body" Media Performance Victoria Ushkanova /I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012

We are not fully aware of the fact that every day we interact with hundreds of images. It is difficult to define which images are created by our imagination and which ones appear from the outside. Moving in the cobweb of phantoms, sometimes we slide on a tangent, sometimes we let something through us and at times something audaciously stays and accumulates inside us. It is the very quintessence of images that an artist deals with. So that when the interaction will exhaust itself, he can set them free.