Mijn naam is Victoria Ushkanova 

Ik ben een ervaren fotograaf van Chenchen afkomst die in Nederland woont.  

Mijn ervaring als fotograaf is ongeveer 20 jaar.

- Geselecteerd door FRESH EYES (presentatie van de grootste fotografietalenten uit Europa)/GUP Magazine 

New Dutch Photography Talent /GUP Magazine

- Winnaar van de Nikon Photo Contest Professional Portret Categorie.


Beschikbaar voor een fotosessie in Amsterdam, Almere in heel Nederland, Europa en wereldwijd.

Fotograaf in Amsterdam en Almere, portretten en documentaire fotografie

Selected by FRESH EYES /GUP Magazine


New Dutch Photography Talent /GUP Magazine

Winner of the Nikon Photo Contest Professional Portrait Category

Photo Vogue 


Victoria Ushkanova CV

Photographer and media Artist studied art and fashion photography. 

Art / Work Experience 


2021           C/O Berlin My work ‘Debbie"s presented at an exhibition with a great selection of artists
                                            Joseph Beuys,  Tacita Dean,  Taryn  Simon, On Kawara and Claire Strand

2020            Exhibition 'New faces — Documentary photography from Flanders and the Netherlands'
                     Brussels, Curator Sanne Schim van der Loeff (World Press Photo)
                     Fonds Pascal Decroos www.fondspascaldecroos.org/nl/nieuwe-gezichten                       

2020            Photoshoot for Netflix, Portrait of the main actors, new season Undercover 2

2019            My work Debbie was presented in an exhibition ‘Blame The Algorithm’ as part of   
                       Der Greif issue 12, guest-edited by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin in 2019.
                       Munich Stadtmuseum (Münchner Stadtmuseum)

2019            Portrait of Gijs Blom, ‘Prince Viridian’ in the film The Letter for the King for Netflix

2019            Portraits of Netflix writers

2019/2020    Group exhibition in Brussels, 12 Sep — 21 Oct. Curator Sanne Schim van der Loeff
                      (World Press  Photo Foundation) and Fonds Pascal Decroos
                       English https://www.fondspascaldecroos.org/en/news/exhibition-documentary-photography-flanders-and-netherlands

2019             Selected Fresh Eyes Photo /GUP Magazine, The Book Launched at Photo Basell and
                                             Les Rencontres De La Photographie, d’Arles .

2019             Selected for the ‘New Dutch Photographer Talent 2019«/GUP Magazine, Melkweg Gallery  

2017              ‘Marina’ Winner 1 place Nomination ‘Professionals Portrait’ Nikon
                                              ''At the Heart of the Image -2017'' 

2015              Unseen Photo Fair Festival Amsterdam  / participant  Video art ‘Typology’ 13 min / Amsterdam

2013              Videodance ‘Displacement"/ participant EXTRA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL/ 35 mm Moscow

2013              Videodance ‘Displacement"/ Performance Art Festival/ Open-Air Stage Theatre Moscow

2013              Collaboration/ Koktebel Art Residence /Krym

2013              Collaboration with artist Kseniya Sorokina/ Video/ 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2013               Video / River Scene a project by Wiliam Speakman and
                                    Theo Tegelaers (TAAK Amsterdam)/ Nikola-Lenivets 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2012/09          Video Art/ William Parke, Patricia Parker/ Residence Nikola-lenivets/ Russia

2012/07          Collaborate with Ksenia Sorokina/ Video/ START Project,
                                                WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow Sept.

2012/07          ARTIST’S BODY/ performance Victoria Ushkanova / MMOMA Moscow/Biennale Young Art/                                                                       www.juliafertig.de/? p=421 

2012/08           Collaboration with Performers from the school TSEKH-Moscow

2012/05           Laboratory KIRILL SEREBRENNIKOV / PLATFORMA project / Media performance WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow

2012/03           Collaboration, documentation of project Niwa Yoshinori / Double Vision:
                                             Contemporary Art from Japan/  MMOMA Moscow

2011                Video art ‘Fishway’ collaboration with composer Anna Mikhailova/ Media Table May/ MediaArtLab -Moscow

2011                Cinematographer/ Independent film

2011                Unit Still photographer VGIK

2010               Collaborate with Ksenia Sorokina/ Video/ START project
                                               WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow

2007               Unit Still photographer Film Renata Litvinova 

Photography workshop


 2012         WANDERING FORMS/ Alina Belishkina

 2012         Potential acute// Alina Belishkina

 2011         PHOTOGRAPHY. OBJECTIFICATION OF THE VOID/Alina Belishkina                

 2011         The Nordic Photography: Experience Self-portrait LINA SCHEYNIUS                 

 2010         International Summer Photo workshop/ WANESSA WINSHIP, UK, Agence VU Storytelling: Portrait Within the Environment

 2008          International Summer Photo workshop PAVEL SAMOKHVALOV

 2009/2010    Workshop Art Director/ VGIK/ Russian State University of Cinematography

Art workshops

2013             Art Project by Theo Tegelaers/TAAK.ME and William Speakman. A three-day journey on the Ugra River in Russia. www.youtube.com/watch? v=NE5FNccafO0

2013              Koktebel Art Residence

2012/08        Collaboration with Performers from the school TSEKH-Moscow/Video

2012/09        Art Residence Nikola-lenivets/ William Parke/ Patricia Parker /Video

2012              ImPulsTanz 2012/Benoît LACHAMBRE/ Angélique WILLKIE/Linda RABIN /Workshops

2011–2012    MMOMA/ Media Performance Laboratory

2011–2012    MMOMA/School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops”

2011-2011     WACADEMY/ OLGA Shishko Media Art

2010–2011    Moscow Museum Of Modern Art School /MMOMA of Contemporary Art  “Free Workshops”

2000-2004     MGUS Institute for Applied Design, Art and Fashion photography

1997-2000     MGUS Institute for Applied Design, costume design (ba)

Work experience


            Marinella Senatore Italian artist /Video and photography marinella-senatore.com/

            — Sakura pathology equipment 

            — Portrait of Mayaki Kimba, political science, The Black Archives. For Reed Magazine, Portland, OR

            — Photoshoot  for Netflix / main actors Undercover 2 Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers,  Else Schaap, Sanne  Samina Hanssen.          

           — Editorial photoshoot for Netflix/ portrait of Gijs Blom “The Letter for the King”

           — NDSM Portrait of Tim, a new director

           — PTSA  Architectural bureau, portrait & interior photoshoot 

           — Portraits European writers of Netflix

           — Flirt Creativity  branding  photoshoot


           — 11 Rue Simon Crubellier, Matthew Darbyshire/Gemeente Amsterdam

           — Cathalijne Smulders | project Parfum Varken at Museum Bommel van Dam

2013       Rijksmuseum celebrates opening on 13 April 2013 http:// www.taak.me/ Photo & Video

2008-2013 Photographer, Burda Publishing House Moscow, editorial, covers, fashion story ’’GIRL’’                   

                   magazine and other magazines


                   TAAK.ME             NETFLIX           buro bordo            NDSM           Flirt Creativity Agency 

          Burda Publishing House, Moscow              Kleintjekunst           POPMA TER STEEGE ARCHITECTEN  

                  Reed College Portland              GN Interpartners            EMCG             Knowmanagment