Very happy to share my first music video collaboration with composer Cedric Vermue and dancer Nicolo Zanotti

 Directed and produced by Victoria Ushkanova
 Dance and choreography by Nicolo Zanotti Music and performance by Cedric Vermue    • Cedric Vermue — A…  
 Camerawork by Victoria Ushkanova and Eefje Schuurkes.
 Color grading by Eefje Schuurkes.
 Aether is composed by Cedric Vermue Performed by Cedric Vermue, Lex Houtermans (clarinet and contra-clarinet) and Rudi van Hest (clarinet).
 Mixed by Antal van Nie. Mastered by Wessel Oltheten.
Released on Mylja Records as part of the album Perpetua.